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Świętoszek Tartuffe

Świętoszek, Polish fusion cuisine restaurant, is one of the most gracious places on the culinary map of Warsaw. It has been operating under the auspice of the Culture and Art Workers Union since 1986 and for over 20 years was the pride and showcase of the city.

Renovated in 2018 based on the design of eminent Polish scenographers, Marcin and Mateusz Stajewski., the restaurant was restored to the capital's residents to once again redefine the Warsaw cuisine.

Today, Świętoszek Tartuffe cuisine is an excellent dialogue with Polish culinary tradition and a real melting pot of flavors drawing from its rich history. Under the eye of the master chef Stanisław Nowogródzki, Świętoszek’s cuisine is characterized by great sublimation and aestheticism, but the most importantly, by a great respect for the roots of Polish culinary.

Restaurant "Świętoszek Tartuffe" - one of the most tasteful and tasteful places on the culinary map of Warsaw - acted under the aegis of the Trade Union of Workers of Culture and Art from 1986 and for over 20 years was the pride and showcase of the city.

In 2018 restored by the eminent Polish set designer - Mariusz Stajewski, the restaurant was restored to the capital's residents to redefine Warsaw cuisine.


The spirit of Swietoszko - both from Baroque France and from contemporary Warsaw - wanders around these gothic walls, wishing


Świętoszek Tartuffe Cuisine

Is an excellent dialogue with the Polish culinary tradition. Świętoszek's menu changes depending on the season, so that guests can fully sense the goodness of nature. We invite you to view our current menu.




Stanisław Nowogródzki is a Chef with over 30 years of experience, he is a culinary creator, a lover of Polish dishes and a judge at numerous culinary contests. Chef Nowogródzki is Poland’s and Lithuania’s champion of barbecue.

He gained experience both in a vegetarian restaurant in the capital city, as well as in a traditional Polish tavern in Podlachia, but most of his knowledge comes from years of experience as chef at Marriott Hotel.

Chef Nowogródzki’s cuisine is distinguished by an exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics. He approaches with a great esteem to selection of products. At Świętoszek Tartuffe he cooks the top-quality meats from regional producers as well as apples from Grójeckie region, or carefully selected ingredients such as linseed pumpkin oils.

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